About Ryan Mark

In the dynamic world that is today's gospel music, ministers come in all guises. Born in 1985 in Kingston Jamaica, Ryan Mark Reynolds one of Jamaica’s leading gospel artistes has emerged as a stalwart of the generation that emerged in the wake of the influence of Reggae Gospel. Reynolds attended the eminent Calabar High School where in his latter years at this institution he developed the love for music and entertainment. It was there, he absorbed the acute attention to form an association with other likeminded teenagers, subsequently refining his own niche, sing-jaying, a style which is conceptually the combination of Jamaican style singing and dancehall. In 1999, Ryan who had not yet graduated high school, attended a church crusade with primarily the same motive that many unsaved young men had for attending these meetings which is to check out the young women on hand. Notwithstanding, God had a greater plan in mind for young Reynolds, his quest for a date with a young woman was really a date with destiny – a Godly destiny translating him into a minister of the gospel.